Legends of Ass-Kicking & Skull-Bashing

Session 1

The Beginningings

Arrows suddenly fly out from the thickets, catching Hayden the Hired Hand unawares as he drives the wagon. “Aargh!”, he cries out, “I’ve taken an arrow to the…shoulder.”. He slumps and falls off the wagon. 2 laughing goblins scramble down the embankment, swords drawn. Our party engages in a brief skirmish with them, and emerge victorious, sending one in full flight down a hidden path to the NW. The party survived goblin traps, discovered their hideout, and proceeded on a Mission Exterminatus. Elrond one-shotted Ripper, a feral wolf who was the favorite pet of Klarg the bugbear. This infuriated Klarg, who proceeded to beat on Elrond. Elrond prevailed in the end though, killing Klarg with a deft rapier thrust. They rescued Sildar Hollen, their Neverwinter Guard contact from the goblins, and made “friends” with Yeezik, the new goblin boss of the caves.

With loot stolen from the goblins in tow (numerous crates/boxes/barrels stamped with a blue lion upon a wooden shield sigil), they proceeded back to the wagon where Hayden waited with Kyle & Matt.



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